51,000 trout killed after water supply cut off at North Georgia hatchery


Daily Driveler News Team
grrrrrrrrrr I hope they find the culprit.


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Whoever did this needs to be kicked in the backside by every trout fisherman in Georgia who wishes to do so.
I agree but..."With a turn of a wheel", the hatchery’s flowing water was cut off. "But thanks to a tree branch", the water gate wasn’t able to close entirely, Taylor said. Sounds to me like the hatchery could use a Master lock and some chainsaw maintenance.


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I've visited that place many times over the years, I'm surprised the inlet wasn't behind a fence and secured. The raceways themselves are behind a fence and you can't get in when the hatchery is closed. Local riff raff have always frequented Rock creek rd and Mulky Gap rd in the evenings and at night. Riding around looking for something to get into or stuff to steal .