520 lb. Gordon County Bear


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Taken yesterday evening by Glenden Kelley, in Gordon Co.
520 lbs.Somebody tell me how to upload a picture.

Eddy M.

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WOW big one:eek:


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Wow, how did you get him out of the woods? Tell us the story please. That will make a nice big bear rug right there.
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He was hunting with his 8 year old daughter, who saw the bear first. They were on the ground. When he shot it, the bear, not knowing where they were, ran toward them and piled up 5 yards from where they sat. 4 of us went in with a 4 wheeler and managed to get him out. We weighed him at the scales in a local truck stop. It wound up being a 1 a.m. get home time. He was caped this morning by taxidermist and measured 7'5"


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bear at cooler

I just dropped off a buck at K&M deer cooler in White. That must have been your bear in there, skinned and on a float. The picture does not do it justice y'all. That thing skinned looks like a cow at first glance.
Thats one hugh bear for Georgia

That would be a very good size bear for Maine too. Congrads, on that bear and its coat is beautiful. Should make a great rug. Get it double felted (it just looks a lot better that way).