6/14 Christian Bowhunters shoot DONT MISS IT!!!!!!!

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p&y finally

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We will be shooting this Saturday 6/14 at Starrsville Plantation in Covington. Hope everyone can make it out. Reminder, we now have a "known" class so NO excuses :biggrin3:.
See ya'll Saturday

www.cbg.faithweb.com for dirrections and scores


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Oh, its on now. Your targets are in for a terrible thrashing courtesy of Bowanna.


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Its almost time to unleash the beast on CBG's targets. Gonna need to get a group together to witness the carnage. (11:00 am) Who's game ?
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Lot of fun.

Course was laid out nice too!

Keep up the good work.


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Really enjoyed it. Think we might have got a buddy hooked on shooting foam now too. Looking foward to the next one.
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Thanks to everybody that came out today.
We had 53 shooters.
Scores to be posted asap
Next shoot 7/19


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Sorry I missed it. Got stuck roofing the garage. facepalm: