6.5x55 Swede thoughts?


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Have seriously considered selling some of my heavier kicking guns and getting one. getting old.

heres a recoil chart. they show it about like a 243 in recoil.

Chuck Hawks' recoil chart is laughable at best. Rifle weight plays a large factor in recoil and he has rifle weights all over the place in that chart. He lists 3 different weights for the Swede and 3 different weights for the 243. It's impossible to make an accurate comparison like that.

The Swede is a light kicker but noticeably more than a 243.
Mine was a sporterized 94 Mauser I believe. Barrel shortened, target or Yankee crown they called it, and a turned bolt handle for clearance on the scope. Fiberglass stock. I couldn't find very many OTC rounds. Remington had one out that was around 130 grain. I didn't like the performance on deer tho. Very very little recoil, .243 sounds bout right for mine.


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I have a Winchester 70 Feather Weight in that chambering as well as a Ruger Stainless RSI. Both shoot it very well. I killed a few deer with that Winchester and it does a great job. I did have CZ 550 with the Mannlicher stock that shot well too but that thing was heavy. I passed it on to another Member.
The Finns and Swedes have been hunting deer and moose with these for 70 yrs. or more. They are great rifles. The only ones I have shot have been military mods. and I was very impressed with how well they shot and the low recoil.