9/6/2017 - Lake Lanier with Jeff Blair

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It was my annual end of fishing season trip with my buddy Mike that we take with Jeff Blair every year before hunting season takes over my time. A recent phone call to my buddy, King, and I found out it was his birthday, so Mike and I invited King along to bring in his birthday the right way.
Needless to say, we were all wore out, and King said it was definitely the most fun he's had on a guided striper trip.
Thanks again Jeff for another great outing!!


I thought I recognized you in his facebook post.
Looks like a rough day with that Blair guy Fred....LOL..congrats!!!
You know it! Were you out there around noon with another guy on your boat? I thought I may have seen you as we went back to the dock.
Monday was the last trip I made out on the lake. It's been a pretty busy week for me in the shop. Lots of planer boards and poppers made this week. Take care Fred.
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