A Critter


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I`ve got an opinion of what I think it is. I`d like to hear what ya`ll think it is.



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Looks like a blurred dog with a tracking collar. No way to tell for sure.

Or yote with a kill in its mouth.


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Not sure. I would say a black panther with a 2 y o buck in it mouth walking away.
Just a guess.
I think it is a canine of some type, but really can't tell from that picture.

maybe a red wolf
Looks like a bobcat to me, carrying something that looks like a fish to me. That's just silly, but......
Strange. I'm seeing bobcat. Long lanky legs and light spots. Almost appears to be a turkey tail towards the back.? My only guess would be bobcat dragging a turkey.
But it looks like a canine head to the left. Almost like one of those Chinese dogs with all the skin on its face. ????