A Critter

Jim Boyd

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Looks like a bobcat with a rabbit to me.
I am going with a Bobcat carrying a varmint or a small pig.



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I`m thinking bobcat with a coon kit.

There`s no hogs in this area. Yet.
I worked on it as much as I could, and it looks to me like the posterior end of a coyote.


A perfect example of why not to purchase a wildgame cam!

I get a lot more good pics and less bad ones with my WGs than my Moultries that cost 3x as much, to be honest. If you look at threads like this on here, you will see every brand of camera out there. No cam will take all great pics at a distance in the dark on a moving critter.
I zoomed in and still say Bobcat walking towards the camera. Not proficient enough to post the zoomed in picture. Whatever it is carrying it has it by the leg.
I could be wrong though.