A Fine Morning With Friends


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Got "The Call" from 1eyefishing yesterday afternoon about hitting the Hooch this morning. I'd been under the weather all week and was ready to get out of the house today. While we were making plans, he asked me to make "The Call" to StripeRRHunteRR. The call was answered, and we headed out from Abbott's this morning to try our luck for some early fall trout.

For those of you tempted to say "It was 90 degrees today! That's not fall!" The Hooch provides some excellent all natural air conditioning, and the run upstream from Abbott's was... 'refreshing' for the two goobers in the boat who'd dressed for warm weather.

We set up to throw mostly Rapalas, and 1Eye hooked up right off the bat. It pulled like a good fish, but it was a little bit green to be a trout. The first fish of our day was a feisty largemouth bass!

I got us started in the right direction with a solid brown, one of the best I've caught. 1eyefishing joined the party next with a less cooperative brown of his own. Then we got StripeRRHunteRR on the board with his very first GA brown trout!

We took it back to the ramp a bit before noon. Boated about 10 total, I'd say a 50/50 split browns and 'bows with the one largemouth thrown in. Raps did the majority of the damage, traditional colors, nothing super funky. If you get a chance to fish the river, take it! The Chattahoochee is a really special fishery and has really grown on me the more I've had a chance to fish it!

Fishing was good, and the company was better! Looking forward to getting after it with these guys again in the future! :cheers: Thanks for 'The Call'!


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Maybe it's my browser, but the pics aren't loading for me. Anyone else?


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No pics either. But, that sounds like a great trip!!
I've never fished the Hootch for trout, but would sure like to try. I assume you guys went up river from Abbots Bridge. Is there a ramp there, and could I do it in a 13' Boston Whaler? Thanks for any advice.


...just joking, seriously.
Thanks for the write-up Coenen.
I had a great time also.
Limitless, I'd love to return the favor to you for the one you did for me. I'll take you out in my boat so you can decide for yourself if it's something you'd like to do in your Boston Whaler. Fall is a great time to get after these Browns, but I am also going to be getting very busy with deer camp for most of my free time. This coming Sunday morning could be an option if you can make it fit. Send me a PM if you would like to give it a whirl. IMO, my tunnel hull, raised transom, jack plate, and an old beat-up ditch digger aluminum prop of mine give my boat somewhat of an advantage for this water, but a short shaft jon boat does just fine.
Yes, we launch at Abbotts Bridge, which is a major disadvantage during the warm season because of the massive rubber ducky hatch that goes on at Rogers Bridge. I like to make a fast run above Rogers Bridge before the morning hatch. Cooler weather ends the trend.:D

PS-Limitless, your welcome to bring a friend.


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Having a bear of a time getting these dang pics to work. Can't get the ones of 1eye and HunteRR to upload from my phone, and those are the ones I actually took with my phone! Photobucket ain't working, even though a couple threads down someone else has working pics from Photobucket. Direct linking from Google only works for me.

What a pain in the backside! :banginghe

Almost as frustrating as breaking off a fish on the fly because you used your "bass" hookset instead of your "trout" hookset. Not that I know anything about that...or did that yesterday. :shoot:


...just joking, seriously.
The original three pictures showed up for me when I first viewed the thread. I don't know why they wouldn't show up for others, but now I see two pictures.
File size too large?
Here is the 'action shot':rofl: that is missing. I don't have the photo of stripeRRhunteRR...



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Here's the shot of my first trout, and a brownie to boot. My second one was a bow. No picture of it that I recall.
Last I checked, the exchange rate on stocked 'bows to wild browns was 3:1 anyway. Browns are worth more. :bounce: It also helps that they're usually a lot better looking!
Nice fish! Looks like a fine morning.
Nice fish! Looks like a fine morning.
It was a great experience. This is my second trip on the Hooch looking for trout. The first one with some friends from work was a bust due to some monsoon level rains the night before. You couldn't see even a rooster tail in full flash just 3" below the surface that day. I've joked about water so dirty you could walk on it but that day was closer to the truth of the statement than any other in my life even fishing farm ponds back in NC.

The "weird" part of this particular trip for me was the fact that both my fish came on a crappie jig tipped with a plastic trailer with foil flake in the body. Those trout would flash on it so ferociously I could see them clearly across the river.

A great introduction into a new chapter in my fishing life with great friends. It doesn't get any better than that.