A Masterpiece From Al 33


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Here`s a darlin` of a Big Sandy point made by Al. Many thanks my Friend. This one won`t be forgotten!! :cheers:



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That is one GREAT looking point!!


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Nick, I held that point while at Al's house.

You don't know how close you came from not getting it. :D ::ke:


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Great work. That is one fine point and would make anybody proud to own it.

I may be totally ignorant but I am guessing it is Obsiddian.


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Hey Swamprat,

nicodemus said:
Nope, that one`s carved from wood.
I tried to make it look like obsidian. Thanks!;) It would take me years to learn to make them from flint, chert, or obsidian like some of these REAL point makers here do. Even then, not likely I would ever reach their level of expertise.

I started making a few out of wood just to have some fun with the folks that do them like the indians did. Nicodemus was kind enough and flattering enough to want one of them.

I certainly do not want anyone believing any of my wooden points or the real thing. They are not good for anything but display and representing different styles of points. Certainly, making them from wood is nothing compared to knaping, other than I occassionally shed a little blood just like the knapers do.:D