A new Christmas meal tradition requested!

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So after my mother heard how much my coworkers enjoyed my bear shoulder, she asked that I save the other shoulder for Christmas day for the family.
I slow roasted in the oven for 10 hours & made a mushroom & onion gravy with the drippings.
It was enjoyed so much I have added pressure to get another bear next season to assure a traditional Christmas day meal.

Merry Christmas to everyone! FB_IMG_1545761538460.jpg FB_IMG_1545761541753.jpg


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Sounds too simple to really be that good, but... Heinz 57 with bear roast is simply glorious.

Also, same recipe as yours above, but over hickory on the smoker. Your tongue will beat your brains out getting to that stuff.

FYI for future bears.
Marinated backstraps in teriyaki, light coat of pepper and Tony's creole, In the crockpot and on the grill turned out great. Also looking for another bear this one is going pretty quick. Gonna do bearbq sandwiches next.