A Real Humdinger!

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Once upon a time there was a tall man, a short dog and a long canoe. The three of them dearly loved participating in an activity they called “Canoe Carpin’.” The man loved to catch the fish. The dog loved to lick the fish, and the canoe just went along for the ride.

They boarded early this morning with their excitement and anticipation being both quite high. The Hound’s tongue was ready. The Canoe was always ready. The tall man was ready and having invested .44 cents in a can of Walmart corn, he obviously wanted to be a good steward of his money. They have spotted some nice size Cyprinus Carpio the evening before and they all hoped to put at least one in the boat.

A famous Carp angler once said, “You can fool all the Carp some of the time and some of the Carp all the time, but you cannot fool all the Carp all the time.”

Well, they didn’t fool them all this morning, but they sure fooled one of ‘em! The tall man said this fish was a real “Humdinger.”

The End


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Great story, pic's and carp Cap'n,,,, what a beautiful area,,,,


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That's a nice one, one of these days you may get the state record.


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See, all Max needed was a taste of gold to get him up and about. Keep living it like you own it, you do sir.