A Shout out for my local gunsmith & Browning

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I had a problem with my 25+ year old Browning Buckmark. 22 pistol. It would not eject spent shells and took two men and a small boy to pull the slide back. I took it to Freer and left it with them and Mrs Freer called me about a week later to let me know they were sending it to Browning as they could not determine the cause. Friday last Mrs Freer called to let me know the pistol was repaired and I could pick it up which I did this morning. Upon arrival I asked what had been the problem and she said Browning did not say so I asked how much I owed. She told me Browning repaired it under warranty and there was no charge. Needless to say I was shocked considering the age of the pistol and number of rounds I have shot with it. I asked Mrs Freer how much I owed her shop for handling, shipping, etc and again was told there was no charge that Browning compensated them. Wouldn't it be nice if every manufacturer stood behind there products like Browning. In fact I have been considering buying a new .22 rifle for plinking and have decided it will be a Browning.

BTW, Freer is a local to Houston, Texas 60 year old gunsmithing business, repairs and modifications, & brokering of high end rifles and shotguns, no new gun sales.