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I'm easing back into the leatherwork game a little bit. Attached are photos of my first effort in a long time (30+ years).

I bought the belt blank, the buckle set, and the conchos and put it together. Stained the blank after creasing the edges. Turned out to my satisfaction.



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Nice work!


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Hey, Dutchman - nice work!
I myself was into leatherwork, back around 1974 or so. Still have all my tools, but haven't used them in years. Thinking about getting back in to this myself, so I can have two hobbies when I retire. Rods have kept me pretty busy, though.
What I was most thinking about was to make rod cases. The high end flyrodders like the leather cases.


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Good looking belt.I especially like the buckle set.Is it Sterling silver?Can the buckle sets be purchased with both sterling and gold?


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WOW Dutchman, that looks fantastic! I love the Texas stars.
OK, are you gonna be making more for tradin and such?:)


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Good looking stuff! Looks durable too, like it might actually last.... 2 thumbs up!


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Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Fatboy - It fits me and I'm a 38 waist. We can get 'em to fit you.

Al - I will be making more to swap. PM me with an idea of what you'd like and I'll get going on it.

Cal - the buckle set is inexpensive. In other words, not sterling silver. It's plated, but is should wear well. Buckle sets can be purchased in silver with gold trim. Tandy Leather has them, I believe.


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fatboy84 said:
I wear 38's right nowso we are in the same boat.

Would like to get back down to the 36's though.
Then you must be calling me a fatboy, too!:bounce:

And you'd be right!


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Very nice - I know it must feel good to be back at it after so long - Must be like ridin' a bike, cause it looks like you've been doing it a long time...