A walmart that sells muzzleloaders ?


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I have been to 5 different stores from Madison to Stockbridge . They have all said "the next one down the road has them , but none so far. Anyone know of any walmart or academy that carries them ?
I live in Stockbridge. Thanks


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Yup, muzzleloaders are not regulated as a firearm and can be mailed directly to your home. Got a great deal on a CVA optima from sportsmansguide.com a couple years ago


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Loganville store might sell them.I know they sell accssories.
Thomaston also.
Might buy the gun one place and accessories from Walmart


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Wal-Mart ship to store ?
Use card in store for purchase/pickup ?

Call local store manager with item # ?
If you can wait until after hunting season, they close them out dirt cheap. I got a display model CVA inline .50 caliber with all the accessories a few years back for $75.