A windy trip at Tybee

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sea trout

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Went fishin at Tybee with friends last week for a long weekend!
Always have a blast but man the wind was rough!!! Caught a couple short trout and 2 short weakfish on thursday with 23 mph north east wind.
Ended up just tying to the dock and fishin for croaker to use on bull reds.

We ate good at Tybee like we always do!

Tried to get Tennessee Ethan his first bull red. We didn't get a hook set on the 1st and 3rd run. But the 2nd bite was this sharpnose shark and he was happy to catch it!

Friday and Sat was the same hard fishin in the wind!
Sunday mornin was still pretty windy but the fish bite kicked up a lot better!

Unfortunetley we had to leave at 11 o'clock Sunday marnin.

Tennessee Tyler with nice slot red

Hooper with an awesome flounder

Good luck! I hope Y'all have fun!


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I've dragged my boat to the gulf many times only to have it sit due to conditions. Glad you got out and boated a few! Great to be with old buddies!


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That goofy dude with the flounder looks mighty familiar. ;)

I had a great time man, thanks again for having me down to get a glimpse of what the inshore game is about! I might be taking the 'yak down there a time or two in the new year.
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sea trout

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I saw the skeeter out there lookin good! Y'all were all bundled up too!
We only managed one keeper trout for the cooler. He was a beauty but wow my old spots were hard to produce over the weekend