Acceptable caliber??

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What are your thoughts on a 22mag as a varmint rifle? I do not anticipate any shots over 100 yards. Will my little magnum do the job on a coyote?

trad bow

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I like the 22 mag for calling coyotes in the woods. I always try for head shot. Even shot a couple hogs coming in to the rabbit cry.


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I've shot several coyotes with a 22mag. The key is shot placement. If you want to put your hands on him right there, shoot them in the head. If not, shoot behind the shoulder in the heart and lungs and let the buzzards tell you where it is.
Totally agree. Head or neck shots..IF you want to put him down DRT. A 22LR Stinger is potent within 50 yds or so. Even a Grey Fox is a tough little dude,and requires good shot placement😉