ACE Archery Face-Off Battle

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The Face off will take place on Saturday November the 9th at the ACE Archery Range in Social Circle, GA. Archers will be permitted to enter the range at 2:00 PM to get set up and begin warming up. Warm-ups will continue until 2:45 PM at which time rules will be covered and questions answered. Then archers will draw to find out who you face, the target bale and lane for first round. About 3:10 PM we will start the first round for score. We will have two classes, Adult Compounds & Youth (7 to 15) Compounds. Payouts and awards will be one place for every three shooters in the class, and a maximum of three places per class. The shoot will be random draw to see who faces off with whom in the each round. The winners will move on and redraw for the next round. The losers of the first match will go into the redemption rounds. Once in the redemption rounds, the archers must battle their way back to the quarter finals for a change to win it all!

The Archers face off head to head by random draw in a 9 arrow round (3 ends for 3 arrows). Each Archer will have shot 9 arrows for a possible 99 points (X=11). Tie breakers if needed in any of these rounds will be the last round arrow on the bottom target closest to center. Archers will shoot a Vertical 3 spot target face. The final matches will consist of 15 arrows (5 ends for 3 arrows) for a possible score of 165. Tie breakers if needed in the final matches will be a one arrow shoot off in center target.
All those who wish to participate must register as there are only 28 spots available. Walk-ins will be welcome if any open spots are available.

To register, please go to and fill out the form to secure your spot! Any questions can be contact Big John Email or call the shop at 770-4643354