Active duty Archery hunter looking for KY or OH

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Active Duty military, just over 12 years exeprience conducting wildlife conservation & law enforcement, and a tour in the middle east. Recently lost access to the best farm I have ever hunted in Ohio after the owner sold. Have years of archery hunting in Pike, Highlands, Adams and Ross counties Ohio and Christian, Trigg, Carter, and Butler county KY. Looking to lease a farm to stay in the southern Ohio or western KY area. I have averaged paying anywhere from $12-$44 an acre and prefer to only lease prime land for the higher price. Willing to pay and travel if the land is worth the hunting. I am currently a member of base camp leasing in KY but have not been super impressed with the quality of what they offer for their price per acre. Not looking to kill several deer, only looking to arrow the best buck on the lease for any given year and to form a good mutual leasing relationship with the land owner, like I previously had, for the benefit of wildlife improvement and deer heard health.

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