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Have any of you ever used the active scrape dripper with success?I have and am going to put mine back out.I saw a scrape last weekend (hopefully by that 9 point I have pictures of)and it was with a licking branch.I know it will work as I have taken 2 with it .The first is the 8 I have on the wall and the other was a 7.The 8 was with 2 does when I saw him and I blew my grunt and he made the does stay in the thick stuff while he walked straight to the dripper,last check.The 7 I didn't know was there,I hadn't been in the stand 15 minutes that morning when I blew my grunt.He appeared out of the thick stuff and went straight to the dripper got him too.Both were long shots all of 20 yards. :bounce: : :bounce: They do work but the only success I had has been with Active Scrape no other lures have worked for me and I have tried Tink's doe-in-heat and code blue.Oh yeah liked to have forgot both of these were mock scrapes.


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I have never used one but I think I will give it a test run this year. The bucks are about to kick it in high gear here in N. Central Fl. I made a mock scrape last weekend and dumped some tinks 69 in it. No success thus far. I'll try the dripper next time out.


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You are proof that it works, but I have not used one, and will not. I have gone more to the low tech end. Still have my grunt call, do what i can to keep my scent down ,and keep the wind in my face. Found myself with to much stuff to take, to much hassle to take it, and if I forgot something it felt as though I had to have it. I seem to enjoy it more the last year or so with this approach.