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Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for quite some time but just registered a user name. I have just joined a club in Brooks County and am looking to upgrade my bow sights as I foresee some good opportunites with the bow in my near future.

I would appreciate any advice and/or recommendations regarding bow sights on the market. I currently have a 3 pin set-up but wanted some feedback on single pin sights as well as the multiple pin sights (with the vertical positioning as opposed to the horizontal version which I have). Pros and Cons of each would be greatly appreciated.

Im looking to get a sight under $100 as I'm kinda tight on cash after paying for the new lease. Thanks in advance and glad to be part of this forum officially.


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I have a copper john deadnuts 2 with 6 pins and love it. The pins are super bright and it is pretty easy to adjust. Yeah...6 pins is kinda overkill, but it is kinda nice to have a 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 yard pin. The crazy thing is, I've been shooting mostly 20-30 yard shots in my yard all spring/summer. Finally went to my in-laws house and shot some out to 70 yards and was finding the target (a piece of computer paper on my blob).

Realistically, I won't be shooting past 40-50 yards during the season.


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How fast are you shooting... NOT THAT THIS IS A BRAGGING QUESTION, but if your bow is shooting slow, then a single pin probably is not right for you.

I am shooting about 300 fps and a single pin is sufficient from 0-30 yards. If you are shooting around 250-260, you may want to stay with a 3 pin sight.