After Four evenings!

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Jim Ammons

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After four evenings of hunting one of my favorite honey holes and letting a smart "ole doe" out smart me each evening I finally settled the score this afternoon. Each day for the last four days between 5:15 and 6:35 PM I have had 2 does and 3 yearlings slip into a food patch and start feeding. The "ole boss" would hang back and look at me in my tripod to see if I was there and stay back just out of reach for black powder. I passed on the other doe and made a decision that I was going to cull this smart heifer one way or the other. Yesterday I was ready for her with 7mm/08. She out foxed me again. Today she made a wrong move at 5:25 by sticking her neck out to see if I was around. She took a shot in the neck and chest and ran about a hundred yards. No blood trail but I found her piled up. 120 lbs and fat even feeding two yearlings-had already wean her two. Meat for the freezer and a good feeling-"ole boss doe" I think is harder to harvest than a buck at times.
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Congrats on hunt.I guess those 2 will be eating acorns and grass soon. :D


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Nice job Mr. Ammons!

I agree with you; some of those old does are really smart. I think they might even pass on those smarts to their lil'ones.


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How sweet is the taste of the ole doe!!! Especially hot off the grill wrapped in bacon!!! I love to put the smart one down...

Does are like voting in Florida..(OKay, I am originally from there, but left when it started to sound and look like NYC)

Vote/(kill does) early and often (for a better rut) or the case of voting; for desperate peeple who feel that their self righteous flagrance of the rules and laws will serve a greater good especially for us unenlightened oafs who don't know better.... (They actually think, they need to save us from ourselves, so they are justified in heir actions... go figure,,,,) :banginghe


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Good going, Jim!

I wonder if the camo you're wearing had anything to do with them busting you so many times? ;)

Just kiddin'! Glad you got one out of the way. I'm still waiting to settle the score on anything at this moment. :D