After Work Stroll!

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I took a walk on a huge white oak ridge yesterday on a WMA that is on my way home from work. The hurricane has the whole place messed up pretty bad, however this ridge was still in decent shape. I had my saddle on in case I found something worth climbing on, however it was mainly a scouting mission. Just as I reached the ridge I saw movement in the undergrowth of the pine ridge just south of the white oak ridge. It turned out to be a sow rooting around. It took me about thirty minutes to sneak inside of ten yards. It took a moment for her to turn right when I made it well within range, but when she did I sent a grizzly Kodiak through the bottom of her heart. She ran out to about 20 yards and stopped. Being of the mind that I do not like my fast food running too far, I quickly sent a second arrow through the quartering away pig. She jumped about two steps and fell over right there. I cut her up and gave her a ride in the backpack all 9/10 of a mile back to the truck.

Martin Mamba 58lbs at my draw Easton Traditional 400 spine with 350 grains up front.

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I did some "backpack" hunting years ago. I would head out through the swamp deer hunting. I might go a mile or two, and I surely wasn't going to drag a whole deer out of that swamp. I had several small plastic bags that I would put the quartered up deer in and pack it out. I love the challenge of sneaking up on game instead of sitting around waiting for something to stumble along or come to a feeder.