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Hey guys, I'm sure many or most of you are very aware, but I just thought I'd share this tidbit of info for the ones who have never really tried green weenies. I killed a turkey in Dahlonega on April 28th, and when I dressed it, I checked the gullet to see what types of food it had been eating. I knew there were silk worms everywhere that time of year. I mean....EVERYWHERE. Well, there were 27 silkworms at various ages inside, along with one immature brown/tan cricket. I was at a tackle shop and found the Berkley Golden Honey Worms, and decided to give them a try. Now, I wasn't using my fly gear, as I have only reconnected with flyfishing within the last couple weeks. I dead drifted those honey worms on a size 12 hook, 4 lb test, and a tiny splitshot 12'' up the line from the hook. I have never....NOT EVER- used such an effective bait. I caught tons and tons of stockie rainbows, browns, and some wild browns in various places like Buford, Helen, and Habersham. Hands down the most effective bait I have ever used. I fished recently and caught 23 trout by 8:20 a.m. in a 60 yard stretch of river. With all that said, I will without doubt be tying lots of those little dudes to use in early to mid spring next year to dead drift and as a dropper. Is anyone else out there using them on the long rod? Let me know your experiences! Thanks folks.

Berkley Golden Honey Worm: It's difficult to tell in this picture, but this honeyworm actually has a strong greenish hue to it. Like an emrald irridescence.
green weenie2.jpg

Silkworms inside a wild turkey from the N. GA mountains in late April:
green weenie.jpg
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Greenie Weenies, along with EHC, black ants, & hoppers (late in season) are my go-to flies for summer fishing in the mountains.
Even the snooty finicky trout on the Davidson C&R pounce on GW's.
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I agree with the ants. I used a hi-viz black ant with orange parachute two weekends ago, and the wild browns up in Helen really took to it!
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i have seen several pics of the green weenie and there are a ton of variations to it from a red head to a green glass bead to no head and just a green body. i guess they are tied on a scud type hook. i plan on trying to tie some up cause i bet they would be good for warmwater fish as well. the chenille i have now is more olive, i need a brighter green to match. do yall have any pics of the flies you are having success with that i can see for a pattern ?


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Been using them for years now. I just don't tell a lot of folks what I use haha.