Age of this one?


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Wow, what a monarch!! Congrats!!:cool:


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That is a Great photo of an Old Deer..............send it to GON! Especially since you got him! It'd make a great article I'd like to read:clap:


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Congrats on getting him! I am interested to know how old he is aged at. He is a VERY mature buck. Impressive.


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Yes I think very mature deer...
swayed back, skull appears to be minorly starting to cave in ..some..old age setting in
I would say 7-9 years old...
Wow...he was a stud for sure. So give us a little insight on his demise. How did you get it done? Would be good reading for us whippersnappers and would give us ones who never got a wall hanger yet some tips...
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We have photos of this guy as an 8pt for the last four years. I saw him once 4 years ago but passed him as he was younger. I caught a glimpse of him last year but no shot. I think he was seen one other time but was on a dead run chasing a doe. The day that I got him I pulled cards from our cameras midday. I got a picture of him at one stand from that morning, but opted not to hunt it due to wind direction, intending to go back in the morning. Instead, I sat a stand close to a mile away. Just before 5 pm, I spotted a doe moving through but acting strange. She froze in front of me for a few minute before I notice the buck in the wood at over 100 yards. I couldn't see all of his rack, but was fairly certain he was the one I was looking for. I had a shot, but not a great one. Because the doe was within 40'yards of me I held off. It took nearly 10 minutes but he ultimately worked his way to about 50 yards and cleared the thick area he was traveling through, presenting a good shot. Interestingly, he came from a direction that was ****her away from his morning spot. The Rut got him. I have the jawbone but haven't aged. Will report back

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He is a true war horse and I just wish we could hear the stories he could tell.