Aging a spinning wheel

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I purchased an old spinning wheel at an estate sale. Just trying to figure out if there is any way to age it and possibly figure out the value? This is only pic I have of it on my phone.


Age of Spinning Wheel

All of the Wheels that I have seen had clear evidence that they were custom made, or even home made. Apparently early craftsmen saw no need to "sign" their handiwork, making it virtually impossible to determine the maker, or the date of the Crafting.

In the earlier times, virtually every item used on the farm or home was made of wood. Wood was cheap, and readily available. It is durable, strong, and easily worked and shaped into a variety of forms. It is easy to see why wood was the material of choice for Furniture and even Spinning Wheels.

I have no idea of the value today of a Wheel such as the one you possess. It obviously worth holding on too.
Had an older gent that used to live here in the Hood. He and his wife would spin yarn from cotton or wool fiber they dyed themselves.
They would then weave the Yarn into rugs and wall hangings.
Trust me these things were works of art.
Max was born on a farm in Kansas back in the thirties. The spinning wheel was something he claimed his grandma used quite often She taught him to spin and weave during the winter months on the farm. He also had her loom, which was of the same vintage.
You could see the wear/patina from the hands that used them. He claims that his grandma brought the wheel and loom from their home in Vermont as a girl to the ranch in Kansas.
Max is a horticulture graduate from the University of California. He told me that his son will get the wheel and Loom, and may donate them to a museum.
He says his great grandfather and great uncle made them by hand. They are beautiful, and don't look a whole lot different than what you have in your picture. Except the spokes of the wheel look more primitive...almost hand carved..
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I have reached out to the son of the lady it used to belong to and he said it was handed down from his Great Grandmother

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My sister has one that looks identical to your photo. It came from my Mama's side of the family. Mama actually knew how to work it. :cool:I'll ask my sister if she knows the story behind it. I hate that I'm standing in front of it, but it's the only picture I could fine.


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