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Does anyone use an air rifle to hunt small game? I’ve recently picked up a 22 cal Gamo Whisper and am curious what the range is for ethical shots. I’m sure it is very dependent on the pellets being used. Any input provided will be greatly appreciated.
Just watched the Buckmaster Gamo squirrel classic....they was making some long shots on some tall trees. I also would like to know.
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I probably should have stated that the main game I’ll be after are squirrel and rabbits.


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I think I’ve seen that there are numerous videos on YouTube. Seems like EVERYTHING is on YouTube.
That dude that works for gamo who hunts for hogs with an air rifle is nuts! Check out those videos on you tube.


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I have a Benjamin nitro piston .22 that will flat knock a squirrel out of a tree. Rabbits just kick a little. I've planned on using it for hogs if I get the chance while squirrel hunting. Gotta have the right shot though. I tested it on a mature doe head (one I shot prior to the testing, with a bow) and there are several angles that are not an issue for penetration. One was a complete pass through the brain cavity and other side of the skull. Keep in mind most pellet rifles need about 500 shots to be truly broken in and accuracy will normally be dramatically better after the break in period. Some rifles take 250, others may take 600.
I have a .22 RWS Springer. It will drop a possum at 30 yards. I would say you can kill squirrels easily within 35-40 yards. Those pellets loose energy pretty fast beyond that. It's a little know fact that rabbits are made of marshmallow, it doesn't take much to kill them. I don't know how briers dont pull their hide off.
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