Airboats on the Altamaha

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I can`t seem to get a definative answer about where I can launch. Apparently there is some form of discrimination about launching east of I95. Any one know or has launch or wants to meet for a ride and or bowfishing let me know. Anyone who just wants to bash airboats, not interested. Thanks
I dont know anything about the altamaha, but what kind of discrimination are you talking about. I dont know of any legal restrictions against airboats anywhere in georgia. Maybe Trey will chime in, he may know more about the situation.


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Without safety statistics that prove high risk, picking on one class of users is unAmerican and I would sure hope it to be illegal.

However, we could have a speed limit that applied to everyone.

Gonna call bullchit on that one, a boat is a boat is a boat. Regardless what its powered by. Some lakes have hp restrictions and some lakes do have airboat restrictions due to "waterfowl habitat" But I dont know of any of this in GA.
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I hope your right, sir. Unfortunatly I can show you several such instances of discrimination just in Florida, the birth place of the airboat


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South Carolina rules say,not seaward of the fresh/salt line,and I think Georgia is the same.