Al Gore in Atlanta today

I wonder if Internet Algore is going to proclaim that February's record low temps in LA (never in Los Angeles history has the high temperature NEVER reached 70 degrees in the month of February) is further proof of global warming?


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Expand the time frame. Sea levels have risen over the last couple of thousand years. There are native sites from before the time of christ that are now under the ocean. Saying that sea levels are/will rise is not news.
Preaching to 2000 about environmental concerns and the plight that we are headed to. For the record, he’s an idiot
What a shame for Algore to come to Atlanta bringing his fake news, fake science, hoax & fraud to train others in his lies, even preaching at Ebenezer. Reminds me of other lying community organizers & lying TV televangelists.facepalm:

Al Gore brings climate reality project to Atlanta

Faith leaders at Ebenezer Baptist Church are partnering with former Vice President Al Gore to take on climate change.

Al Gore brought his environmental message to Atlanta, and at times, it wasn’t pretty.
Nearly 2,000 people were at the Georgia World Congress Center on Thursday for the opening of Gore’s Climate Reality Project, a three-day event to train attendees on climate issues and how to build programs in their communities.
Many evangelical Christians have questioned climate change, some dismissing it as a liberal hoax.


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“Faith leaders at Ebenezer Baptist Church are partnering with with former Vice President Al Gore to take on climate change.”

I think the Black community has a lot more pressing problems to worry about than climate change.
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And let’s no forget that the power bill for his Tennessee house was the highest in the state. Something like $10k per month


...just joking, seriously.
If he is speaking at Ebenezer, I'm sure he will break out his ebonics accent AGAIN...