Al - I have a request for ya.


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Could you post the picture of that hog head you carved from that cedar stump you found? ::; ;)

I think it was cedar. It was the one you showed me before you parted with it.


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Here ya go Delt,

This was a piece of driftwood I bartered for near Gattlinburg, Tn.. I had been wanting to carve a pig and I saw this piece in a pile outside of a carvers shop. he sold it to me. Little did I know it was red cedar until I actually cut into it. When I realized it was cedar I stopped carving long enough to get a "before" pic. I knew the color was going to be great for the pig. BTW, this piece has a natural hollow cavity running through it.



All that hawg needs is a feed trough set in front of him! Great work Al! :clap: :clap:


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There it is! Thanks for the quick reply, Al. I was just telling Nick about this peice today...

Great work!
Thats awesome

Someone from Ark. would problaby kill for that.


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Come on AL show some of your other work. Guys if you havent seen any of Al's work you are missing out. I purchased an SKS from Al last yr and was highly impressed with his carving ablities.

He aint a bad longbow/recurve shooter either!
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I've never seen him shoot, but I have seen his work.

"Talented" is putting it mildly.
We sure to have some talented folks on here!! But where in the world do you guys find the time to do this stuff? We know you are posting all the must have more than 24 hrs in your day to get something this beautiful done!
"Nice job".

How long did this take you to do?.