Alabama rig

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What ever happened to the Alabama rig? Seems like a couple years ago it was taking over the fishing industry and a must have. :flag:
time of year to be chunkin it now
It works. I still have one tied on. I just don't like fishing with it for some reason
For me it's the weight for the most part. They're just so heavy to cast and get caught in the slightest breeze.
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I remember some trying to outlaw it from tournaments because it was so effective. Just don't see many on boats anymore. I bought some from wally world a couple years back on clearance for $4 reg $24.


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I haven't dedicated a whole trip to throwing it yet, but have spent some time tossing one without a bite. I'm still waiting to be in the right place at the right time AND happen to have one tied on already. I can see how they would be awesome in a large offshore school about this time of year.
Try the flashmob jr and use swimming fluke jr. in white with 1/8oz jigheads ( I use the gamakatsu heads from Walmart that are plain lead in color and double as a shakeyhead ). Slow wind it and throw it on points, bluffs, bridges, etc. It will work around docks as well. If you throw it around much brush, you will become frustrated fast because it will stay hung up. So a clean bottom for the most part helps. On the bridges, you want to try and keep the rig barely above the rocks and occasionally ticking them but it is essential to slow roll it because it will want to rise on you and you won’t get as many bites with it if you aren’t fishing it slow and near the bottom. At least that has been my experience.