Alaskan Bush People

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Quite possibly the stupidest & fakest show ever.
Now they've moved to Washington State.
What a bunch of morons.
We have a season pass :) we watch it because it makes us feel better about ourselves:).
If it was real it would be a beautiful life... Wish i lived in the wilderness and made money for it.


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Yeah... It isn't exactly as glamorous as they make it look. Off grid living isn't for everyone.
Off grid living has never been for them, because they’ve never experienced it. And, they’re probably democrats. Yuuuuuuucky.
Supposedly they don’t really live there and one of the mentally challenged boys has a wife from the Bahamas and he lives there 9 months out of the year.
During the first season he shot at a deer with the scope covers on


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I know the production company pays them but where do they get all their money? The last one I watched they were building a barn and using really good lumber. Not sure what they paid for the land. Just curious. The wife went through the cancer treatments which isn't cheap either. More power to them.


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The one that gets me is the one with the guy with all the heavy equipment,,,,