Allatoona Crappie

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When do Crappie typically run in allatoona? I lost my only lake I was allowed to crappie fish on and now I’m trying to research and get as much information I can on crappie fishing allatoona so I can fill the freezer for my grandpa! Any help and info is appreciated!
Are you looking to fish from the bank or from a boat?
The bite gets good in March. This is based on 7 years of logs I have kept on my fishing trips. 2nd best month is November.
I would recommend you book a trip with CrappieMan and let him give you some pointers on fishing Allatoona.
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I fish from my boat! I usually fish lake arrowhead for them but I don’t have that privilege any more so I really wanna learn as much as I can about Crappie fishing Alltoona so I can keep our tradition of having family fish fry every year going! Any help or info is great appreciated! The month alone helps!


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I've always heard when the dogwoods bloom,, I agree that's way to late,, crappie,, for the big slabs !
Both post on water temp is key,,
Last satureday morning water temp was 45 degrees and the north end of lake was really muddy with more floating debris i guess
ive ever seen!
I saw tons of fish on creek channels,
But I left with only a skunk in the boat!
Soon as I can I'll be back chasing'em!
Fo Sho!