Allatoona WMA


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This is the deer in my avatar that I killed on AllatoonaWMA It scored 126 I am very proud of it. Thanks to Pat and Mack at Macks taxidermy in Cassville for the fine work they did.



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Nice looking deer. How much extra did it cost for the tree for a pedistal. Just kidding, congradulations.


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great buck .. did you get that deer anyway near those hunt clubs in the back end?? i ve hunted allatoona before but no luck


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That is a great public land deer! I live next to Allatoona WMA. There are deer all over my yard. It is funny I drive 2 hours to my club in Wilkes, but I saw 4 bucks in my back yard last November. A six, 2 eights, and a monster 10.

Congrats on a fine buck!!!!!!!!!


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I used to hunt on a club 12-15 years ago that bordered Allatoona WMA, great turkey hunting and good deer hunting too, heard a few guys shoot turkeys on the edge of the property, and we shot a few bucks like this one.