Almost Called some Pigs In!

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I have been playing with the "Convergent Hog Calling APP" along with "iHunt Ultimate Game call and Bluetooth Speaker" since last year with no real sucess.
I don't use it every hunt and probably average 1 out of 4 hunts using it.

I got in a little tripod stand close to a big creek bottom this morning at 4:30, fresh tall cutover all behind me in thinned pines, looks like a jungle with six foot tall weeds.

Right after it got light enough to see I used my phone to play "Hog Hysteria" on the speaker which was about 25 yards in front of me towards the creek. I let it play for about 4 minutes and I heard a big one coming down the hill behind me and he was not happy.
He was grunting and huffing and popping his teeth. I could hear him behind me (down wind) but I could not see him. He sounded huge and had to be within 15 yards or so. Then another one to my left started grunting too and he sounded like he was almost at my stand but I could nopt see him in the tall vegatation and I could not see him moving either. They moved around me for probably 10 minutes grunting the whole time but never let me see them and probably got a whiff of me and took off.

It was kind of exciting and I will use the call more often now to see if I can make it happen.


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Bet that was fun, even if you didn't see them for a shot.


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I believe the right sounds should work.........pigs use vocals no doubt! Keep at it, but get in a better spot 😉
That sounds like a fun way to get your blood pressure up. I’ve read of using a piglet in distress call as well if you have located a group of hogs, but no personal experience. Let us know when you drop one.
I tried some deep deer grunts. Didn’t exactly call them but the didn’t run either. Looked once or twice, and kept on feeding. It was pretty thick I could see their eye/snouts looking. But they didn’t come out for the call.

One did make the mistake of looking out a little later. A slugger took care of that.


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YouTube will find you some pig calling hunts.......some girl does the shooting too! I wish my caller had some pig sounds I could try😞


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I've actually tried this and had some luck with it. There's a guy on Youtube who has a channel where he calls in hogs all the time in Texas. His name is Glenn Guess and his channel is called Hog Zombies. There is an app by Convergent Hunting Solutions that has hog sounds. They also have an app for predator calling. They offer a sound expansion pack featuring sounds created by Mr Guess. The app isn't very expensive and the extra sounds are a couple dollars more but they work. You can buy their caller, the Bullet HP or else you can get a bluetooth speaker from Amazon for less than $50. This allows you to run the app on your phone and play the calls through the bluetooth speaker.

I tried this right before turkey season and managed to call in a good sized hog. It came running in behind us within less than a minute of starting the call. We didn't get a shot due to the guy I had with me taking too long to get his gun up. It's not definite proof but enough to make me believe that it probably works. I haven't had a chance to try it again due to being covered up with work, family and working on my college degree.
Too bad electronic calls cannot be used on WMAs. I’m right down the road from Pine Log and IF I could find them, instead of their tracks and sign, I would give them “a holler” and see if that would improve the contents of the freezer.
Its kind of embarrassing to do in front of people but I call with my mouth making the sounds I've heard them making. If they're close they'll either call back or come investigate. It's exiting to say the least. Only thing I don't like about it is, which is with any call, they come in looking for you. I've been busted more than I've busted them but its still fun.
Too bad electronic calls cannot be used on WMAs. I’m right down the road from Pine Log and IF I could find them, instead of their tracks and sign, I would give them “a holler” and see if that would improve the contents of the freezer.
Where does it say electronic calls cannot be used on WMAs for feral hogs? I know these are the 2018-2019 regulations I am about to reference but on pg. 17 it says under "Unlawful Activities" "Use of...electronically amplified sound to hunt any game species", I guess for this would feral hogs be considered a "game species"? But then on pg. 40 it says under "Hunting Coyote and Feral Hogs" "Electronic calls may be used", my issue with that is, is the sentence "Electronic calls may be used" only referring to the May 16-31 season which is mentioned in the 2nd sentence under that section or is the sentence "Electronic calls may be used" referring to hunting on WMAs in general. But I also see on pg. 42 under "Furbearers" section it says "No Electronic calls" but makes no reference to feral hogs. I'll give DNR a call later today to get this cleared up because now I am confused.
Thanks for bringing this up. I may have, in error, applied the restriction from pg17 that you are referencing too broadly and flat overlooked the special season as I knew I would not be able to hunt it. If you are able to get some clarity please share as I most certainly do not want to be a source of misinformation.
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i would think feral hogs are not referred to as game species just like coyotes aren't. and if the season is 16-31 and calls can be used on feral hogs then yes . calls can be used 16-31 and none before or after cause the season ain't open anyway
I talked to an officer at DNR today, and he said you can use electronic callers on WMAs for feral hogs and coyotes since they are not considered game species, but can't use them for anything else such as deer or turkey(the officer used these 2 animals as an example) or any of the animals listed under the furbearers(and I asked about the furbearers) since those previous that I stated are considered game species. There could be more animals that you can't use electronic callers but those were the only ones that were mentioned in my conversation with the officer since I probably made it seem like that I understood after getting that cleared up.

And to the point about not being able to use electronic callers before or after the May 16-31 season, from my conversation with the officer I am pretty sure you can use them before(for example, you could use an electronic caller on May 15 because it is still turkey season and as long as you are using the appropriate lawful weapon) or after the May 16-31 season as long as there is currently a season in session(and with the appropriate lawful weapon for that current season in session), and if you are specifically trying to call in feral hogs or coyotes and not trying to call in a game species(but after typing this out it seems like someone could easily say they were trying to call in hogs or coyotes but was really trying to call in a deer or turkey, but I guess the type of sound they played could possibly help determine if they were actually trying to call in hogs or some type of game species). The reason I say that is because I specifically asked about what was said on pg.40 of the regulations if the electronics callers could be used was referring only to the may 16-31 season. He said you used to not be able to use electronic callers on WMAs but that is not the case anymore. At least that is what I understood from my conversation with him. I'll probably call back tomorrow just to double check about using electronic callers before and after the May 16-31 season and, better safe than sorry.


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the problem w/ that is you can't use E calls for turkeys at all... just sayin'
I know I never said you could use an e-caller to try to call a turkey. I said that for example if it was May 15, Turkey season is in session and as long as you are using the appropriate lawful weapon(Shotgun with No.2 shot or smaller and any muzzleloading firearm) you can use an e-caller to try call in a feral hog or a coyote, since (1) there is a current season in session(Turkey Season); (2) you are using the appropriate lawful weapon; and (3) your intentions are trying to call in a feral hog or coyote(non-game species) then you can use an e-caller on a WMA.
I clearly stated in my post @ 8:22(#14) that you can't use an e-caller on turkey or deer since they are considered game species. I was using May 15 as an example of a when you could use an e-caller because May 15 would fall under a current season in session (Turkey Season), just because it is Turkey season does not mean you can use an e-caller to try to call in a turkey.

My issue now is what happens if you're using an e-caller with the intentions of trying to call in a feral hog or coyote and a turkey happens to come to call(which I plan and calling and asking this specific question today).

(Also I am only referring to the 2018-2019 regulations, with the new 2019-2020 regulations they could make some changes, but I doubt they will make changes regarding this specific issue)

When in doubt read the regulations and if something is not clear call DNR and talk to the appropriate person to get anything cleared up. Although this forum is helpful and contains good information, in my opinion, it is not meant to be a the final source you should turn to if you have questions about the regulation. That is what the DNR offices are here for, take the time and call them to clear up any questions regarding the regulations.