Almost time for chanterelles

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After all the rain we had last week, yesterday I checked out a few bellwether locations for chants. I saw a few buttons. After Alberto drenches S. Ga., it may be worth looking for more. It was the first week in June last year when I found my first batch. Gil
Never found one here before mid-July. But, I found some big chicken of the woods a week or so ago, earliest I've ever found them here.


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I checked my patches the other day and they hadn`t started yet, but I expect to see some soon with all this rain we`ve been getting.
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I had my soon (July 2) to be 90 year-old mom over two weeks ago for the last bag of last summer's crop. I had sauteed dove breast medallions (rare to medium rare) topped off with chants. Only things better than doves smothered in chants are woodcock or snipe smothered with chants. Hope to get fresh chants soon to finish off this past winter's supply of woodcock. Gil