Altamaha River Fishing

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This morning my wife let me out to play. She said I could go fishing if I would be back by noon. Being old and married is really hard on the body. Anyway, I was on the water at 7 a.m. I was met at the boat ramp by the local game warden. I have known him all his life. I dated his mother back in high school. I put the boat in and it started right up. It hadn't been started since last Sept. I was lucky, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I headed up river to my first spot. Time I grabbed the willow limb I was covered with May Flys. I was worried. Fish feed on May Flys and usually are much harder to catch after they fill up on flys. Oh well a good fisherman can always catch fish. I picked up three channel cats about a pound a piece here. After 15 min. without a bite I headed up to my next stop. More willows and May flys. Here I caught a carp about 2 lb. and 3 nice bream about half lb each. Another 15 min and off up the river I went to the Gator Hole. I mean a real Gator hole. I have seen this gator several times and he would make Troy Landry happy. This has always been a good spot but it let me down today, not a bite. Now I headed down to the mouth of the Ohoopee River. I have a special spot there that never fails me. It didn't today. I caught 5 bream just as big as they get. I just could hold them with my hand to get them off the hook. I got 3 blue cats about a pound each and 4 nice channels about 3/4 lb. each. Needless to say it was 12:30 when I headed back to the landing. Yes, my wife was up set, down right mad because I was late getting home. She had fixed dinner and since I wasn't on time she feed mine to the cats. She wouldn't even clean the fish. Not only did I have to catch the fish I had to clean them too. If you want to catch some good fish head down to Jesup and Morgans Lake.


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Sounds like a fine time. The wife will probably recover if she arrives home from a shopping trip to smell the fish being pulled out of some hot grease. At least it works around here.


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My ex-wife once asked what time I was going fishing the next day. My answer was "daytime." She got hot! I had to gently explain to her that I was not being sarcastic. I was leaving at sun-up, and that she should not expect me until sundown. I might be home earlier, but probably not. She didn't believe. I still think that episode has something to do with us now being divorced.