Altamaha River Trip II

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My wife got so mad about my being late for dinner she went to spend the night with her daughter. I didn't mind at all, boys can have all kind of fun when left alone. I planned another fishing trip to the Altamaha. I called two of my friends an asked if they wanted to go fishing. Hooty told me he hadn't been fishing in over 10 years and J A was so long he couldn't remember. They said they would meet me at the boat ramp. I got there late about 7 a.m. they had been there since 5:30. They were so excited they couldn't sleep. We put the boats in and lit out. They went down river and I went up to the Gator Hole. After tying off I had 3 nice channels in the boat in 15 minutes. I got 5 more before I pulled out for the Ohoopee drop. I ran into Hooty and J A at the deep bend and they were having a hard time, seems they forgot to change out their lines and losing fish and gear just about every cast. I gave them my extra rolls of line and headed on down river. Hooked up to my tree at the mouth of the Ohoopee and went to catching fish. Picked up 7 nice cats and 4 French fries. After a bit I got the idea of trying for some bream in the Ohoopee so I headed in. The mouth of the Ohoopee is grown up and there are several channels through the willows. I picked one on the north side and started pitching in the willows. I got hung up a lot, but I did catch fish, 3 nice big bream and 5 hand size. By now I figured I had all the fish I wanted to clean so I headed out. Hooty and J A were just coming in the Ohoopee when I was leaving. They only had 8 fish between them so I told them about trolling the channels. They told me it had been so long since they had been fishing they had forgotten how. I told them the age old line, Use it or Loose it. That goes for a lot of things, fishing included. Next week a Morgans Lake trip. Good Luck and Keep you line tight and hooks sharp.