American VS English Labradors?

Raised an sold over 175 lab pups in my time. The blood lines are important. The dog doesn’t know he is dog. Get a dog from a proven blood line . That’s a start.


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Very important ... Pedigree and health clerances ... I have American and she excels in field and hunt tests as well as at home and will lay in my office for 10 hours a day and not make a peep ... go to train and she loves to do the work .... but go see the parents and decide what YOUR needs are in a working dog ... well trained either dog with good pedigree will pickup ducks ...
I have 4 American and 1 from Ireland. They were all easy to train. Size is a big difference the Americans are all 85-100lbs vs 65lbs. My dog with the bloodline from Ireland will retrieve all day, he would rather work than eat.
I have an English now and have had 3 Americans in the past. Not sure if it was something or not however my English was / is no where near as hyper as my Americans were. She is very calm and deliberate.