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I cant wait for this weekend to go to this shoot. I had a great time at my first shoot at gainesville. Hated to miss last weekend Banks Co. shoot. Weather man says it will be nice. Look foward to meeting some more archery folks there.:flag::clap:


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Their shoot that falls closest to the Turkey season opener is usually almost all turkey targets. It makes for a good time.


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Dear Mr. Abhunter-

Are you saying you have no idea what the course will be like.

I call **** on you. :D :yeah:


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kowasaki, you are indeed a character


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larry p..he moved the stake back when he got back from the indoor...hehehe
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Had a good time and, yup, got some turkey practice. I scored a whoppin 88, I think the 3 year old girl in my group outscored me !!:clap::flag:

red tail

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I said i was going to shot the dang thing in the head when i first saw it. we'll I called my shot.:bounce: can't say i was aiming there though. new i would be hot.:banginghe:banginghe:banginghe:banginghe: