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My wife just informed me of an incident (with a rhino) at a zoo in Australia.

This is not far removed in time from another recent zoo incident in which a lion killed a worker inside their enclosure. The lion was euthanized...and this led (at that time) to some conversation "why kill a lion for acting like a lion?" Boy, don't we make fools of ourselves? We take a wild thing, try to pen it...(the very act of "penning" already testifies to our knowledge "this is a dangerous thing") how can we then justify the killing of it...for being the very thing we have already acknowledged by our dangerous?

In this incident with the Rhino (in Australia) a young child slipped between the bars, was contacted by the snout, but not horn...injured to some extent, enough to be airlifted to a hospital...and as my wife commented...the child's father went in to rescue. My wife said it like "At least this father jumped in..."

When she said this, I immediately said "I doubt he even had a thought about it..." but she reminded me of other incidents in which "this doesn't always happen..." Sometimes people just scream from the "outside". I thinks she's right.

I thought about it. What holds a person back...what causes another to jump in? And further...what if, and of the man...who might already see a tearing to fatality assured...but...could he jump in, anyway...all hope of seeming rescue gone...but do it solely to "be with" the child in its passing...only?
"He/she...must not perish in aloneness" The cannot bearing of its (the child's) being alone is not even weighted against is all that is moving, and of movement in the "other".
To not abandon to death...knowing quite well, it could and most probably would also mean...his own?

Could there be a situation like that? Would prudence say "he/she is too far gone to do anything "for them"...would something other...say something...else? What would already know...and count as forfeit to the all of itself in such a matter? I know well the voice of that prudence that would say "what's to gain in going into the that all seems lost?".

What is that other voice...can it be?

Is it...considerable?
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Not sure if your post was supposed to be directed this way or not. I know a man named Jesus who was the same way. He jumped into that lions den that rhino pen to risk his life. Knowing that some of the ones he jumped in for would probably die or be killed even though he went into the "zone" for them. Knowing the pain and suffering that it was cause him for doing so.
Was it directed as even though a parent will do all they can to protect their child here on this earth, they will still set back and watch as their child continues to become a teen then an adult and never teach them of this man mentioned above named Jesus. That they will stand outside the pen as they watch them weeping as they are gnashed and headed to an eternity in heII