And my wife thinks I'm crazy ..........

I saw it.

My good friend Mike Battey (Primos Battey Slate creator and Real Turkeys Audio Tape maker) is selling it.

My thought is that he put a HIGH reserve on it just testing the market. He doesn't really want to get rid of it I'm pretty sure.

Those "newer" (1986 to present) Neil Cost boat paddle calls are highly collectible, but don't fetch near the prices of the older style boat paddle calls.

I would guess the FMV of that eBay call to be around $3000.

short stop

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wow :speechles jody thats some serious change for a chunk o wood -- I want a $100 call made by a guy in macon ---wood box with slate in the lid made from mohagony and walnut . looks and sounds awsome and no chaulk!! Doubt it will ever kill as many as my ol busted up FOOL PROOF though . thank God super glue !! SS