Another crappy day

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It was such a nice day I just had to hit the pond. Caught most of the crappie down deep today. Very hard to feel the bite or tick at times. Most of them I caught my rod tip just felt heavy. Most were caught 15 to 30 feet down. A few sitting on the bottom. Ended up with five spots to go along with the crappy today. Spots were all about 2 lbs Fun on light tackle. Tight lines everyone



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Same here the deepest part of our 20 acre pond is 25 foot by the dam. I went out bout 20 yards from the spill way and tipped a jig with a minnow went to bottom reeled up couple feet and bam.


Nice, lj.

I am determined to learn to catch me some crappie on Lanier. I've gone twice now, but no cigar. I'm new, and can't shoot docks worth a flip yet, but I'm trying to learn. I'd appreciate any info on ramps/rivers/creeks I should try.
Left foot in an air-cast until tendinitis heals, so no kayak for me - too gimped up. The 17' Alweld is easier to launch and fish. I'll have to ask if I can use big boat with gas tank removed, but I think that's a negative.


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Some pretty specks, man. It's been a long time since I've caught some white crappie. I always catch black crappie down here. Really black ones. The few lakes I fish, and whenever I find them in the Ogeechee or Canoochee, it's always really, really black crappie.