Another monster from Rabun (pics added)

It seems like 500+ is becoming more common up around these parts. I know I have pics from 3 bears in the last 5 years that would break the 500lb mark and a guy showed me a picture the other day of one in his yard that I honestly believe would be over 600.

Here's some pics of my most recent, you decide how much you think it weighs. The first pic I've included for scale is a thick Lab that's probably 100lbs, give or take. I figure this bear might push 500.

northgasportsmsn, that is a nuisance bear. It is tearing up a farmer's corn. It has got to go. I forbid you to post here henceforth unless it is with a picture of that bear's head in your lap. Go thee forth, do the good work of the Lord, and help the farmer. Your task and mission has been set before you. Godspeed.