Antifa Protest

Mark K

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I’ve posted this several times. Sylvester is a nice accommodating little town. Come on down and spend an day. In fact pick one of the holidays when the American Flags line the entire road on both sides through town. Guaranteed to go home with some memories that will never be forgotten.


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They can't travel but so far....they have to borrow their mom's cars....and they likely spent most of their allowance on video games and Justin Bieber concert tickets.

Those little ANTIFA punks would really benefit from such a road trip, though. Perhaps their life trajectory would be altered in a positive way after some sense gets beat into their heads.

Cowards, mask wearing losers.

Mark K

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Heck, I bet some of the farmers would even help them out with gas to get back home. Or even our local ambulance service could provide rides...


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They can only go as far as public transportation can carry them
They could “Go Greyhound any leave the driving to us”. Seems like all small towns used to have a bus stop. Probably not anymore though.


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I've seen them at work in Seattle and Portland... every one of them should be charged with a slew of criminal offenses and under the RICO statute.
Portland's mayor stands with them