Any archary shops in loganville?


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Try Everything Archery in Walnut Grove. They are on 138 about 1/2 mile from 138/81 intersection on the Conyers side. Next to Papa Johns. 770-787-7788
12 Point Archery on the I-20E Access rd. between Conyers and Covington. 770-784-1111

Both are good places to go.


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I have used 12 point and was very pleased. Steve is one of the best around.
I'll second that. They are also a dealer for Mathews, Bowtech and Hoyt.

I believe the place in Walnut Grove is a PSE dealer.
Hey Corey

If you turn right on 138 when you are coming south on 81,Everything archery will be on your right next to Dominoes pizza.They have everything to do what you need and are close to you.They are a new shop and are looking to provide good service.:cool:
I sure wish Marvin Griffin still had his shop in Loganville. Marvin is the best imo. I heard he's still doing some work at his house. Anyone know if it's true and how to get in touch with him? :huh: I may have to check out this new shop in Walnut Grove. That's ten minutes from my house.
I took my pse bow to 12 point in covington three times. Still having problems.When i took it up there i told them i wanted a z-twist and he charged me 60.00 bucks for the string.When i picked it up it had a custom string on it.I will take my bow to everything archery from now on.


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There is a shop with indoor range at Piedmont Outdoors
on the access road off I-20 between Conyers and Covington.

I don't bow hunt so have never had to have work done.
Been in there though when I was thinking about a cross bow.
(my good eye is on my weak arm side) They had a lot of gear
and full time tune shop. Looked good to me.