Any Hall/Banks/Habersham county reports?

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Live and do most of my hunting in the Carolinas but heading to Northern Hall county for an annual hunt this weekend. Anyone been hunting that area with any reports?

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Haven't hunted our Banks co spot yet this year but usually chasin on and around thanksgiving year after year after year
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Hunted Saturday and Sunday morning (was in Athens Saturday afternoon) in Northeast Hall County on some family land on the river.

The highlight was taking my 13 year old son hunting for the first time on family i land i grew up hunting. We went together Saturday morning and had several small bucks pushing does around within 50 yards so it was a lot of fun. He almost pulled the trigger on the one mature buck in the group but no brow tines so he got a pass (my son has killed many deer including nice bucks).

Sunday morning i was solo after the late drive home from Athens the night before. Hunted a spot that usually produces a good buck the one weekend each year i hunt it, but got shut out and nearly froze to death.

There were plenty of scrapes around but none of them had been freshened up since the rain on Friday.