Any idea what this may be


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I thought grave but its like 8ft long and 6ft wide



It is a cairn of some type, but hard to say what it is/was.
Probably a foundation for some type of small outbuilding.


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It appears to me there's another rock wall of sorts parrellel to the big one. It is wallared out and if you look to the top of pic it looks like it could of been a creek days gone by. If you look left and up about a 45 degree angle it looks like a old road bed headed to the rocks. So it could have been a bridge with small trees laid across. Or it could have been the starts of StoneHenge and the weather man could'nt get the summer soltice right no one knew the Mayans so they just gave up on it. :rofl:
looks like there are more rocks directly across those in the creek bed piled up almost the same way. An old bridge maybe?
Looks like an old road bed to me also.,Where I live in Paulding county,there were more roads in the 1800's than there are now.I too love find the old house sites and poke around with a detector.
Old roadbed in burnt hickory that goes to new hope.



Do not go back there. In fact, forget you ever saw it.

If you absolutely must go back, go with someone and be carrying.

You've been warned


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looks like there are more rocks directly across those in the creek bed piled up almost the same way. An old bridge maybe?
I agree with this ............ Take more pics Joe


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....or it could just possibly be where the people (indians or farming settlers) stacked the rocks from the fields they had to plant. I read one time about how some of us even back then were "neat", and took pride when it come to how we worked -for example, stacking the rocks into a uniform formation instead of just tossing in a pile.


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Talked to a friend, 65 yrs old who has lived in area his whole life and never seen this. It's within 50yds of county road. Said there's never been a creek in area(it is on high ground). So chances are I'd say its older than 65years and never a house there in 65years.


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It does look like a foundation. Is this public land ? If private maybe you could do a little light excavation to see what you might find. :huh:


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Check out the show America Unearthed. It has some wild ideas but a lot of what they find on that show is pretty interesting. One of the shows even has Georgia as it's primary focus. I'm not saying you have an ancient ritual site but it is a neat show and it studies a lot of old stones and stone sites.