Any ideas on what it is or material?


Looks like Coastal Plains chert with field patina on it. Hard to tell on the point. Looks kinda like a Hardee with a break in the side. I`ve seen drills shaped similar.


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Like Nic said, coastal plain chert and looks like it could be from Burke county with all those sea creatures in it.
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Found in Wilkes county. The upward slant of the shoulders from the base was throwing me off. Kinda looked like a Elora in a way but I see a hardee resemblance. Only the third point from there that I've found that was not quartz so I was excited to find something different. Other two was a chert point and a rhiolite point. Thanks for opinions.


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It's under 80-90 miles from Wilkes County to the prehistoric quarries in the Brier Creek Screven/Burke County area. Is the reddish/pink coloration due to "firing" or does it appear to be unfired?