Any reason not to re-use a sabot?

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Not one that's been fired of course .One that's been loaded in a dirty barrel (reloaded after killing one then did'nt need the second shot). Unscrewed the breech plug (inline), pushed out the load through breech. Just wondered if ya'll would re-use the bullet. Don't have that many of that particular wt. left, don't want to buy another box this yr. if I don't have to.


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i don't see why it wouldn't work.. may not get a good seal like a new sabot would give you, but i guess you'd find that out when you shoot!

what kind of sabots are you stooting??
At the very least I would save it for a range day, put it in the box and use it last since you only had a few. I don't generally unload my rifle, and I shoot a flintlock. I'm not really worried that it is going to cause any kind of issue if I don't shoot it before the season is done. BUT since you shot and reloaded that is a round I would pull so I could clean the rifle.