Any Residential A/C guys on here?

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My Home A/C unit is 20+ years old... I need a new one and could use an education on them before I buy one.


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Hard to stop a TRANE.

But, really, get the highest effiency rated and best warrented equipment you can afford.

If your system is 20 years old you will be amazed at the $$$ you will save on utility bills. You will also be amazed at what the new system will cost. Just remember it will last a long time and some have lifetime warrenties.

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I thnk I have settled on a Comfort Maker 3.5 ton 12 seer unit. 10 year compressor warranty 5 year parts and 1 year service.. I found this to be pretty standard with all I spoke with today... $3,000.00
DON'T GO WITH A COMFORTMAKER!!!!!! My house is 4 years-old and the contractor put that model in and it's been a piece of junk the entire time. It may have been the technicians who installed it, I don't know. Freon leaks, fan coming off, motherboard and temp switches for the defroster cycle, etc. If you plan on living in the house for a long time, go with the good-name brands. JMHO If you still go with it, think about the annual service plan.